Friday 08

Day eight – november 10 – 2017. Starting at 14:00

1 hour

30cm x 30cm

Traditional oil-color with titanium white alkyd oil-color

Broad brushes for laying down the preliminary dark background colour. I mixed burnt umber with ultramarine blue and tested it in a mix of white in order to secure that the tone of the bluish gray in the water shouldn’t get miscoloured from the background colour.

I had trouble keeping my hands and fingres warm in this autumn afternoon, so I have to get better prepared for even colder conditions.

I love the colour of autumn!



Friday 07

Day seven – november 3 – 2017. Starting at 14:30

1 hour, 15min

30cm x 30cm

Traditional oil-color with titanium white alkyd oil-color

It is past summer time and the clock is set for the winter-season. It’s therefore a bit darker in the evenings. Sunset; 16.34

The sketch in progress:



Friday 05

Day five– October 13 2017

1 hour, 15min

30cm x 30cm

Alkyd with turpentine and a little bit of linseed oil

Today I turned my head a little bit and found another view. I surely cannot trust the weather-forecast, so rain made me a little nervous.


The paint got wet, but the panel remained reasonably dry during the painting-session.




Startup – Friday 01

Day one – August 12

I’ve done a lot of research in order to find the most perfect spot for this project. I

wanted it to be reachable without using my car – due to my ecological and environmental views – though I guess I sometimes will find it necessary. I hope I will have stamina enough to keep cycling!

After hours and hours experimenting with different media, I’ve decided to use alkyd-paint from CAS in conjunction with linseed oil and turpentine to extend the drying rate, as alkyd paint dries a bit too fast on it’s own. So my first attempt here were only partly successful, while I was only using Liquin together with the paint. (Liquin and alkyd-paint has about the same drying-rate.) The nearest part therefore dried too quickly. Hence the Linseed oil and turpentine. I like a few parts of the painting where new paint pics up parts of the prepainted areas. I hope I will be able to paint much bolder and faster while continuing the project!

This first painting is painted ond mdf-board grounded with rabbit skin glue and with ocre pigmentation. 30 cm x 30 cm. I’m not convinced that this will be the final solution. It might be better to paint with bigger brushes on 40 cm x 40 cm, and perhaps also on streached and grounded paper.

I have chosen this alkyd-based media because it can withstand a shower and even freezing conditions. It also has the blending-capabilities of traditional oil-paint – while done with my modifications.

Why Forty?

It’s not possible for me to go out into the woods every Friday throughout a whole year. There will always be Fridays which are occupied with other obligations, so it cannot be fiftytwo.

In nature there seem to be a mathematical formula of certain numbers – known as the Fibonacci-numbers. You can find them in the numbers of petals on flowers, in the eyes of insects, in beehives i.e. I also found out that my squared paintings would fit nicely into this sequenze at the number of 40. In arts this is known as the Golden ratio – and are said to describe perfectly pleasing relationships. At this point I don’t know whether it will be useful for my project or not, but i find it worth a try. Perhaps it will end up as an organizing formula for the final exhibition of the paintings?!

Magne Myhren