Friday 35

Day thirty-five – Friday July 6 – 2018. Starting at 1515

1 hour 45 minutes

30cm x 30cm


It’s vacation time, so it’s three weeks since my last painting trip. I thought the birds should had stopped singing by now, but a blackbird welcomed me as I parked my bike in the woods.

This summer has been just as abnormal as the spring and winter. There has hardly been any rain, so the tarn is drying up. I was expecting thousands of bugs when I earlier planned this seasons paintings, but they seems to be nowhere. On the radio I heard that they are struggling in the dry heat. So for me though, it’s therefore quite comfortable to paint in the woods, nearby a tarn, in twenty-five centigrades or more.

At first I lay in the mirroring beneath the leaves and lilies.

Then the granite, which I have become more and more familiar with.

In the end the greens…


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