Friday 34

Day thirty-four – Friday June 15 – 2018. Starting at 1515

1 hour 15 minutes

30cm x 30cm


Another tough start. I think that I wouldn’t gone painting today if I didn’t establish the routine thirty-three paintings ago. It was a hard start because my mind was filled up of memory from my job as a teacher. Sometimes it’s hard to let the thoughts go.

The water-lilies are more present now. Is it manageable to capture what I see, when inspiration seems to have vanished? I just have to try. I get as close as I can to the waters edge, and try to get a low perspective.

The overall composition is made rather quickly

I use some gel in the paint to make it a bit more transparent and a bit easier to spread.

I wanted to get a rather smooth ground and lay really thick impasto strokes at the top of this – in order to get an interesting contrast.

All the greens are mixtures of Ultramarine, Yellow and Titanium White. None of the greenish Blues! It’s a relief to get rid of the Phtalo Blues!

The palette



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