Friday 33

Day thirty-tthree – Friday June 8 – 2018. Starting at 1445

1 hour 15 minutes

30cm x 30cm


A beautiful day in this (still) never-ending summer. I think this is the last day I can take the trip without carrying extra water. The smal waterfalls and streams are drying out, but I got quite clear and fresh water for my bottle.

I had to start a bit later today, as I couldn’t leave job as early as I usually do. That doesn’t matter too much, since it it is this bright season of he year, and the day lasts until half past ten in the evening.

My equipment is developing, and today I used a Plexiglas-board with a gray paper beneath as my palette. This is helpful to find the right values in the sunlight. It’s quite satisfying to see how the colours are matching the scenery, both in chroma and value.


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