Friday 32

Day thirty-two – Friday June 1 – 2018. Starting at 1445

1 hour

30cm x 30cm


A fantastic early summers day in an seemingly endless summer. And that’s even though it’s just the first day in June. May has been much warmer than any other in the history here in the South of Norway, so we almost jumped over springtime and went from winter to summer.

Cycling, hiking, painting. That’s the routine. I can’t understand where all the insects have gone?! I have tried to prepare mentally for meeting hordes of them – but they never show up. Until now this is a good thing for me, of course.

I picked up a scene I have painted in snow by just turning my head a little bit to the right. Its from Friday # 23.

Friday 23

After finishing the painting I let myself slide into the tarn in my birthday suit.

I might be getting used to these painting-trips…


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