Friday 31

Day thirty-one – Friday May 29 – 2018. Starting at 1545

1 hour 30 min

30cm x 30cm


(This “Friday” had to be done on a Tuesday since I was travelling.)

Initial line-drawing with a thin brush-

I chose to put on the lillies at first because they would be important for the image as a whole.

Then there were some lights.

At last I put a thin , dark line at the front of each leaf.

I tried to paint rather roughly this time, and I painted the rock as if it was an abstract painting.

I also used a mid-toned gray palette in order to get the lighting correctly done. From this tone I could establish both the highlight and dark areas – no matter if the sun shone on the painting or not.

I had to put up a shelter because of some rain-showers.


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