Friday 30

Day thirty – Friday May 18 – 2018. Starting at 1420

1 hour 30 min

30cm x 30cm


When I was heading down-hill last Friday after having finished painting number 29, I got some new ideas for painting number 30. Ideas seemingly emerges during these walks. I was happy with that painting (29) but I felt it was a bit over-controlled. I thought that I should paint in a bit looser style, and I wanted to add some oil-gel in order to glaze thin layers a bit easier. These glazes could be done if I painted on a panel pre-painted with the sunlit mud-colour of the ground in the tarn.

I think the plan worked out quite well, and I also added som sharp ovals of light from the blue sky reflected in the waves.

Initial step.

The dark sides of the waves were painted first, then the blues, and the green of the leaves beneath the surface.

Finished painting..? 🙂


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