Friday 38

Day thirty-eight – Friday August 10 – 2018. Starting at 1500

1 hour 30 minutes

30cm x 30cm


Total failure! This Friday I drove by car. Could it be that this was the reason why everything went wrong? My mind was filled up with trivialities. Fixing the kitchen, buying a cabin, painting the house etc. Could it be that I had been better of if I had had some harder physical effort through cycling and hiking in order to empty my mind? The hiking-trip today didn’t challenge me at all. Even when I was painting I was thinking about theses other things. And, yes, there were also some technical issues today, but perhaps a clearer mind would have coped with it in a better way.

Every painting has to be published in different social media platforms – even this one. So here it is…


Blocking in the areas.

Destroying the painting.


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