Friday 39

Day thirty-nine– Friday August 17 – 2018. Starting at 1545

1 hour 20 minutes

30cm x 30cm


Today I pushed the colouring a bit further. In most paintings I have left out the Phtalo blues, but I found that the most distant blues in the low eastern sky was unable to capture using Ultramarine alone. So, in the corner of the palette, I put a really small amount of Phtalo blue (RS) for this. I also put it in some of the greens – though a bit diluted and muted. Perhaps it worked out all right.


Main colours

Painting the mirroring and some details

Adding the little spruce in the mirror

Final steps.

The lighting changed constantly, and I had to choose and stick with one type, and try to remember it when it changed again. The paining shows the scenery lit in the sun, while the sun was gone when the photo was shot.

The project is soon ending, and I’m planning to paint number 40 (the last one) in August 31.


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