Friday 37

Day thirty-seven – Friday August 3 – 2018. Starting at 1445

1 hour 35 minutes

30cm x 30cm


An overwhelming scenery to paint. Loads of dried up plants scattered all around. It’s hard to separate one from the other, and to grasp the essence and forms. I focus on colour.

May, June and July,  and hardly any rain at all. The driest summer in seventy years, or perhaps since the first statistic weather-records began. The tarn is emptying.

It’s passed three weeks since last painting because I’ve had a vacation. It brought me out of my weekly routine, and I began to doubt my abilities. If it weren’t for the obligations I have forced myself into, I would not gone painting today. Luckily I did.

The evening was dry, hot and cloudy.


A new approach: No under-painting but more alla prima.

Putting in the dark shadow of the rock.

Painting the rocks

More details in the foreground, and some sharply painted shadows around the leaves.

Final touch ups here and there.


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