Friday 13 – New Year!

Day thirteen– Monday january 1 – 2018. Starting at 14:30

1 hour, 45 min

30cm x 30cm


No preliminary drawing, just direct painting alla prima from top to bottom.

Perhaps the hardest challenge this far in the project.

Friday or Monday?

I am a family-father and I have to, and of course want to, relate to my family. Therefore it’s sometimes difficult to go out to paint on a Friday. The main focus for me is to paint the whole year around and capture the various lightning conditions and also understand how nature constantly changes in these northern woods. Normally it’s easier for me to go out on Fridays, so the Friday- issue is after all still important.

Color and light

Even the blue in the sky were brighter than the pure white oil-paint on the palette. So the light in the painting doesn’t truly correspond to the actual light in the scenery. In addition the light changed several times during the painting session.

The sun set in the evening, and I couldn’t see enough to paint anymore since I couldn’t see whether it was a dark blue or brown paint on my brush for instance.


I tried to leave more marks in this painting than in the previous ones, but I found that most of my brushes weren’t suitable for the task. The stiff ones were to broad and big, and the smaller ones were too soft. I also added another brand of blue which didn’t behave like the others, as it was much more soft than the others..

I struggled and lost a lot of self-confidence during the session, but when I came back home I thought it wasn’t too bad after all.


The umbrella was sufficient, and I managed to keep the painting and palette dry. Rain on snow isn’t the best combination.

Some details

Two details showing impasto snow and more delicate brushwork. The thin branch was easy to paint on top on the still wet snow as the dark brown was diluted in turpentine.


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