Friday 09

Day nine – november 24– 2017. Starting at 14:30

1 hour

30cm x 30cm

Traditional oil-color

Fifty minutes cycling with a one-wheeled heavy loaded bike trailer, and then about twenty minutes haiking to get to my special painting-spot.

Four slices of bread.

Ready for the task.

Broad brushes for laying down the preliminary dark background colour (Burnt Umber and French Ultramarine).  Michael Harding Titanium White for the first time today. Beautiful strength.

A light shower after having painted about an hour. Then freezing hail and the mirroring disappeared. The sketch had to be painted in a hurry.

The poor lightning conditions and low temperature is really challenging, and I had to struggle with a strong temptation to give up the painting.

In the very center of the image you can se how the paint has been smeard out during transportation.


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