Friday 15

Day fifteen – Friday January 12 – 2018. Starting at 14:40

1 hour, 45 min

30cm x 30cm


I thought it was the worst painting this far in the project, after finishing it, but perhaps it brought me into a different and interesting new path.

I was tired and I felt like the chill became a part of my body. I couldn’t manage to paint in a concentrated and detailed manner. I flushed the paint all over the painting-board with more and more rapid movements.

Perhaps I can use this approach in later paintings to make them more emotionally involving? Perhaps I could combine the details and the roughness?

Could it be that I had to get into this situation to get to the point where I was pushing my own boundaries?

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Friday 14

Day Fourteen – Friday January 5 – 2018. Starting at 15:00

1 hour, 40 min

30cm x 30cm


Thirty minutes cycling to work before dawn. Teaching until 12:30. 12:45 cycling about an hour with a heavy loaded bike trolley. Putting the load on my back in a rucksack. Hiking uphill about half an hour. Organizing my stuff. Painting  one hour and forty minutes. Dusk. Firing my headlamp. Hiking about twenty minutes back to my bike in the dark. Cycling  a short half an hour.

Who needs an indoor gym!?

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